International Conference for Videographers & Film Festival

3-5 APRIL 2024

The Ferros


In the creative industry, finding your voice is not just about standing out in the crowd; it’s about creating your own spotlight

— The Ferros

With a rich background in the realms of cinema and advertising for nearly 15 years, Nico and Vinx, known collectively as The Ferros, have made their mark as Art Directors in some of the most prominent international creative agencies. Their creative journey has been punctuated by producing commercials and films for brands like Gucci, Jaguar, Samsung, and many more. This extensive experience has been instrumental in shaping their current roles as versatile professionals, encompassing photography, direction, and storytelling. 

What fuels their creative fire is the profound emotional and artistic connection they find within every narrative and story. For Nico and Vinx, human relationships are a wellspring of wonder and inspiration. They have been showcased in leading international publications in photography, fashion, travel, and the wedding industry. The Ferros have received global recognition for their contributions in the fields of International wedding photography and filmmaking. One of their latest one has been at the prestigious Los Angeles Film Awards.

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