International Conference for Videographers & Film Festival

3-5 APRIL 2024

Filmmaker Global International Film Festival

We are thrilled to invite filmmakers from around the world to participate in a celebration of the art of videography. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an emerging talent, the Filmmaker Global International Film Festival is a platform designed to showcase your creativity and storytelling prowess. Our mission is to bring together a diverse array of cinematic voices while adhering to a set of guidelines that ensure fairness and excellence. Please take the time to read the Festival Rules and Guidelines below before submitting your film. We are looking forward to meeting you in person during the live screenings of the finalist films of the Festival.

Rules and Guidelines of our International Film Festival

Welcome to the Filmmaker Global International Film Festival. Below, you’ll find the official rules and guidelines that govern our festival. These cover everything from the submission criteria to the awards and recognition. We encourage you to read through these rules carefully and consider how your work can be a part of this exciting event. We look forward to sharing your vision with a global audience, and to celebrating the magic of filmmaking together.

Festival Categories

Filmmaker Global International Film Festival is open to videographers worldwide, with a focus on wedding filmmakers but not limited to this genre. There are three main categories that will be awarded:

  • Wedding Film: Capturing the essence of real wedding moments.
  • Elopement Film: Showcasing the intimacy of elopements.
  • Open Film: Any film genre except wedding films.

Special Awards

In addition to the main categories, Special Awards will be presented for the following subcategories:

  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Editing
  • Best Storytelling

There may also be a “Special Jury Award” for exceptional films that score high overall but do not win in any specific category.

Grand Award

The best film across all categories will receive the prestigious Grand Award of the Festival.

Trophies and Recognition

Winning entries will receive a winner laurel and a trophy during the Award Ceremony. There may be additional prizes by Sponsors of the Festival that will be announced along the way.

Film Duration

All films should have a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

Multiple Entries

Participants may submit multiple entries without limitation.


Only Wedding Films and Elopement Films featuring real wedding events are accepted. No Styled Shoots.
Premiere status is not required, and all films are qualified to submit.

Submission Deadline

The Regular Submission Deadline is January 3, 2024.
The Final Submission Deadline of the International Film Festival is March 3, 2024.

Submission Fee

There is a nominal submission fee, which will contribute to the festival’s operational costs.
Directors who submit their films before the Regular Deadline will be charged the Regular fee (€80).
The Late Submission fee is (€100).
The submission fee is non-refundable.

Official Selections – Finalists

All nominated films selected for screening will be recognized as Official Selections of the Festival and will receive an official laurel. These selections will be notified via email in order to provide a a good quality film for the screening of the festival.
If a film is selected for the live screening of the festival, we recommend that the director of the film be able to attend the screening. The festival does not cover any expenses related to travel or accommodation, but attending the screenings and judging of the films is open to the public.

Anonymous Entries

All entries should be submitted anonymously. No distinctive logos or mentions of the cinematographer or studio should appear in the films.

Language and Subtitles

Films not in English should include English subtitles.

Jury and Public Voting

The Jury of the International Film Festival is composed of the speakers of the Conference. There may be additions or changes to this panel, as deemed appropriate by the Festival organizers.

Official Selections for each category will be screened at the festival venue and judged publicly by the jury. The screening and judging process will be open to the public.

The jury will vote on a scale from 1 to 100, considering the following aspects: storytelling-original concept, cinematography, editing, score-sound design, and total vote.

Winner Selection

Films with a score of 80 or higher will be privately discussed and re-voted on by the jury to determine the winners of each category and subcategory.

Award Ceremony

The award-winning films will be announced during the award ceremony where the trophies will be presented to the winners. If the winners are not physically present, trophies can be shipped to them accordingly.

The award ceremony is open to the public.

Publicity and Promotion

Selected films may be used for promotional purposes for the festival.

Filmmaker Global is an International Film Festival For Videographers with live screenings; picture by Cinema of Poetry

Technical Requirements

Films should be in high-definition (1080p) or 4K quality.

Accepted video formats: MP4, MOV, or AVI.

Maximum file size per submission is 1GB.

Files should be labeled properly with the title, filmmaker’s name, Studio, and category of submission: Name_Studio_Category_001_Title.mp4

All specific technical requirements for the screening will be provided to the directors of the finalist films.


The live screenings of the Filmmaker Global International Film Festival will be held at Mikrokosmos Cinema and are open to the public.

Code of Conduct – Content Guidelines

Filmmaker Global International Film Festival is committed to promoting inclusivity and respect within the world of videography. We request that all submitted films uphold a high standard of professionalism and social responsibility. As such, we strictly prohibit the use of offensive language, discrimination, or any form of harmful content. We encourage filmmakers to use their creative voice to inspire, educate, and entertain while fostering an environment of diversity and acceptance. We believe in the power of storytelling to connect people across the globe, and we ask all participants to contribute positively to this shared narrative through their films.

Respectful and professional behavior is expected from all participants.

Legal Terms

The Filmmaker Global Festival is subject to the following Terms and Conditions and by entering the Filmmaker Global Awards competition, you agree to be bound by them.

  • Copyright and Ownership: Filmmakers retain full copyright and ownership of their submitted films.
  • License for Submitted Films: By entering, each participant grants Filmmaker Global a worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable, and perpetual license to use any or all of the submitted films in connection with the Filmmaker Global Awards. This usage may include promotional and marketing activities associated with the Filmmaker Global Festival.
  • Liability and Claims: Filmmaker Global Festival does not assume any responsibility or provide indemnity to participants against claims from third parties alleging rights violations in any submitted film. In the event of such a claim, the entrant (copyright owner) is responsible for reimbursing Filmmaker Global for all costs and expenses incurred, including attorney and court fees, damages, and penalties.
  • Modification of Competition: Filmmaker Global reserves the right to suspend, cancel, or amend the competition and make changes to its rules at any time without prior notice.
  • Disqualification and Recategorization: Filmmaker Global retains the authority to disqualify or reclassify any entry that does not conform to the rules or poses a risk to the integrity of the competition.
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Submit your Film

You can submit your film(s) by using the form below. If your film is an Official Selection you will be contacted by the Festival to provide a good quality file for screening.

Side Picture of the submission form of the Filmmaker Global International Film Festival

Entries for the Film Festival are now closed.
Thank you all for submitting your films.
See you at the Screenings: April 3, 2024 in Cinema Mikrokosmos
Sygrou 106, Athens

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