International Conference for Videographers & Film Festival

3-5 APRIL 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered some of the most relevant information regarding the Filmmaker Global International Videography Conference and Festival in the form of Frequently Asked Questions. You can check out the answer to each question by clicking the drop-down arrow.
The Filmmaker Global Conference is an international event that brings together videographers, filmmakers, and industry professionals to celebrate the art of videography. The Conference's first edition will focus mainly, but not exclusively, on wedding videography. It will feature film screenings, presentations by six of the most influential speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. It is also the opportunity to create an international community of like-minded people that 
The first edition of the Filmmaker Global Conference is scheduled to take place in Athens, Greece. The venue for the conference is Cine Mikrokosmos, one of the three movie theaters in the city center.
Cine Mikrokosmos address is Syngrou avenue 106. It is located in the center of Athens close to the main city attractions. The closest metro station is Syngrou-Fix.
The Conference's First Edition will take place on April 4 and 5, 2024. 
The screenings of the Official Selections and live judging of the Film Festival will take place on April 3.
The Award Ceremony of the Festival will take place on April 5 after the end of the Conference.
The Venue can host up to around 180 people. 
The conference is open to videographers, filmmakers, both amateur and professional, and anyone interested in the world of videography. It's an inclusive event designed to inspire and educate. Speakers of the first edition are professionals coming mainly from the wedding videography industry, so it can be of interest for wedding videographers, but also other filmmakers or aspiring filmmakers could benefit from attending the conference.
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Early Bird tickets cost €400 (+VAT) if you book your spot before January 31, 2024. The regular price of tickets is €550 € (+VAT). 
There is a Super Early Bird discount limited to the first 15 bookings only. These first tickets will be sold at the special price of €350 (+VAT).
The Conference ticket includes all the presentations and other activities in the schedule of the Conference. The screenings, judging and award ceremony of the film festival are open to the public. Attendees have to take care of their own airfare, transport, meals and accommodation during the Conference.
Professional Videographers with registered businesses will get an invoice that can be used for tax purposes in their country of origin. For this purpose, they have to fill in all required data for their businesses.
- Professional business owners with a legal registration outside of Greece are exempt from paying VAT.
- Professional business owners with a legal business registration in Greece pay VAT but can deduct it thereafter from their output VAT.
- Private attendees who are not registered business owners have to pay VAT.
The Conference is intended to provide an experience as a whole and to be a first step into building an international community so it will not be split into modules. We suggest that you attend all the presentations of the speakers.
Tickets are non-refundable, but you can re-sell your ticket to another attendee. In case you decide to transfer your ticket to someone else please remember to inform the organization commitee accordingly so that we update the name and data for registrations.
If the Conference is cancelled for any reason, the funds for the registrations will be refunded directly to the people that made the downpayments.
Early registrations are not only financially beneficial for you as you might get the early bird discounts, they also help the event being confirmed, as there is a minimum number of people in order for it to be possible.
The Official language of the Conference is English. We will have an interpret translating to English from a speaker's mother tongue where needed.
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It is a parallel event that is open to everyone. Even if you are not attending the Conference, you can submit your work and enter the Film Festival for the possibility to have your film screened and win an award.
Our experts will examine closely all the works submitted and announce a first shortlist of the Official Selections. All Finalists-Official Selections will be screened and judged anonymously by the Festival Jury. Winners of the Festival will be awarded during the last day of the Conference. Finalists are welcome to join us in Athens to attend the screening and award ceremony in person. More details on the Rules of the Film Festival can be found on the dedicated page.
On behalf of all the Speakers, we kindly ask all attendees to not film any part of the presentations of the Conference. Of course you are welcome to take notes.
Filmmaker Global Conference is one of the few (if not the only) international gathering dedicated to Videography. Our aim is to create a respectful and inclusive community between colleagues where we can exchange knowledge, experiences, inspire and assist each other. It is only through interaction and fruitful exchange that we grow professionally both as individuals and as a whole industry.
Filmmaker Global Festival is not just another online film contest with no feedback for the participants. Our aim is to have a top-tier international film festival based on fairness, anonymity, inclusion, and excellence. All the Official Selections of the Festival will be screened in a movie theater and judged anonymously by the esteemed Jury. 
Apart from providing valuable feedback and exposure for the directors who submit their films, increased participation in the Filmmaker Global Festival will contribute to raising the bar of international videography as a whole sector.
There are nine awards overall, given to the winning directors:
- Three awards of the main categories (Wedding, Elopement, Open)
- Four special prizes (Best Storytelling, Best Cinematography. Best Editing, Best Sound Design)
- Special Jury Award
- Grand Award for the best film among all the categories
The First Edition of the Conference has been designed to have a focus on Wedding Videography, given that most of the speakers are wedding videographers. With that said, it is not exclusively reserved for wedding videographers and attending can be beneficial for other filmmakers. Our aim moving ahead is to include an even broader palette of professionals from the filmmaking industry as speakers to future editions of the Conference. 
We hope that our Frequently Asked Questions above have helped you gain more insight about the Filmmaker Global event. If you have more questions feel free to contact us by reaching out to 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Filmmaker Global Community. Let's shape the future of the Videography Sector together!
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