International Conference for Videographers & Film Festival

3-5 APRIL 2024

Riccardo Fasoli at Kreativ Wedding


“Be an observer, not a manipulator”

— Riccardo Fasoli

Introducing Riccardo Fasoli: The Italian Wedding Videographer in Germany

In 2012, Riccardo Fasoli and his wife, Anne Aselmann, founded Kreativ Wedding, a creative venture based in Germany. Riccardo, an Italian wedding videographer, is known for his heartfelt approach to capturing real moments during weddings.

Kreativ Wedding is not just a company; it’s a passionate team of like-minded individuals. Together, they share a common dedication to telling authentic love stories through video and photography. Their work transcends borders, connecting with couples and audiences all around the world.

Riccardo’s style is all about capturing genuine, unscripted moments. He believes in the power of authentic storytelling, ensuring that every wedding film is a true reflection of the love stories he encounters.

Join us and discover the art of genuine wedding storytelling with Riccardo Fasoli and the talented team at Kreativ Wedding. Learn how to create films and photos that resonate with the authenticity of each event, leaving a lasting impression on all who experience them.

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