International Conference for Videographers & Film Festival

3-5 APRIL 2024

Cinema of Poetry by Kostas Petsas

Kostas Petsas Videographer founder of the Cinema of Poetry

“Creativity thrives in authenticity, even when you have to diverge from prevailing trends”

— Kostas Petsas

Hello, I am Kostas. My passion for cinema, music, and poetry has always been my driving force. Back in high school, I used to write poetry and play guitar in a pop band. After acquiring a strong scientific background in university, life has led me to follow different professional paths, focusing first on academic research and consequently on finance and business. But I never really found myself in this. I have eventually decided to quit office life and find my way back to arts, as a filmmaker and as a photographer. As a wedding filmmaker for the past 10 years, my philosophy has always been to focus on the things that matter the most: people, moments, and emotions.

Today, the Cinema of Poetry is considered to be one of the most Awarded Filmmakers internationally. I’ve been privileged to earn over 70 prestigious videography awards, acknowledging my roles as a director, filmmaker, and editor. These accolades have been granted by esteemed Professional Associations and International Film Festivals, many of which have screened my films as Official Selections in movie theaters across the globe. Elected as Best International Filmmaker for 5 years in a row by Inspiration Photographers, Asia WPA and Way Up North, Best Film in Europe, and Most Awarded Videographer worldwide are only some of the milestones in this beautiful journey so far.

Awards per se may be regarded as meaningless vanity, but the love and trust from a diverse and independent audience of industry experts serve as a profound motivation to grow and keep crafting stories with authenticity and heart. I firmly believe that true creativity thrives in authenticity, even when you have to go against the trends.

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